Student Login to Class Dojo and Access to Portfolio

This tutorial will show how your child can login to Class Dojo and work in his/her portfolio.  The features of the portfolio will allow your child to submit work with  a photo, video recording, drawing, text or file upload.  Your child and the teachers are the only ones able to see the portfolio.  Please contact me if you need more assistance.  I’m happy to help!

Two Words for Parents and Caregivers : Break and Choice

Two words for Thursday: Break and Choice

Build in breaks to your daily learning routine. Chunk an assignment – which means do a few problems/questions and take a break – come back and do a few more. Taking breaks will go a long way and help your child learn better. Also give your child a choice for what he/she would like to work on first. A simple choice will let him/her feel some control in this situation. The last thing you want to do is create a power struggle! Enjoy your day, enjoy your kids – remember: break and choice!

Step By Step Videos For Logging On To Clever and Lexia

A catered lunch party when we get back to school? Let’s do this! It’s my hope that EVERYONE logs on to Lexia today! The most important thing you can do during this time of remote learning is to have your child on Lexia and Moby Max EVERYDAY! This will help your child with reading and math instruction. I’ve made two step by step videos for logging on to Lexia. Please watch them with your child. He/she knows how to do this, but may need your support with a different device. Tonight I’ll check to see who logged on! The first kid to log on today will get something in the mail!

Lalilo – Phonics Instruction – Highly Recommend For Students with IEPs


Hello Parents,

We are all taking a deep breath as we begin this adventure.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the many resources and ideas being sent your way.  I have carefully looked over a phonics based reading program called Lalilo.  I like the graphics, set-up, repetition and practice it gives the child.  There is a placement test for your child to take which will provide individualized instruction.  This program will address your child’s IEP goals. The link below will take you to the Lalilo site.  I’ve included a video for  you to see how to set up this program.

Happy Learning,

Mrs. Gullo 

What to tell your child about the Coronovirus-




The links above contain social stories about the pandemic and coronavirus. Take a look at them to see which one is appropriate for your child.

Not only has a child’s life been turned upside down, but now everyone is talking about a serious topic.  It’s a lot for a child to take in. This is surely a teachable moment and a chance to learn new concepts and vocabulary related to science and social studies.  Here are a few big words that may need some explaining: virus, pandemic, population, contagious, cancellation.

Carol Gray developed social stories as a way for children with autism to understand an event, idea, or concept. Although intended for children with autism, any child can benefit from a social story.  A social story includes simple information as well as pictures.  The idea is the story can be read over and over again as needed.  Very often a social story can reduce anxiety while allowing the child to process information.  With a social story, your child may be able to put his/her questions or feelings into words.  This meaningful conversation and teachable moment will lead to better understanding.